Our Church Council meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month to coordinate and review our church’s community life. We prioritize action, accountability and common vision, and are currently designing a congregation-wide strategic visioning process, which will coincide with the three-year evaluation of Rev. Michael Ellick in his role as Senior Minister. Our Church’s Council is tasked as much with listening and community building as planning and steering. As we begin the deep work of visioning our life together, please reach out to Sarah Vazquez, this year’s moderator, with your ideas and/or questions. Please join us for our next meeting! 



Moderator (president of the congregation): Sarah Vazquez (email)
Past Moderator:  Peace Young
Assistant Moderator: Anne Sullivan
Secretary Treasurer:  Cath Clark
Members at Large: Paris Hancock, Karin Wriggle, Bill Greene

Blessings for the Council's Work in 2018

May we use the faith we’ve found to re-shape the world around us · May we add our light to the sum of light ·May we each feel a purpose to our role on this council, may we all deepen our devotion to our church, may God help us see how best to serve our congregation · May we lean in to one another: listen, honor, sustain; in order to radiate out into our congregation
and wider communities · May we look up from our lives as we continue to build a community that nurtures others as well as ourselves · May we continue to support each other · May we have courage to take risks by being vulnerable with our stories, may we also have the courage to take risks as we move toward the exciting future of the church · Untongued may we turn to still/ forgetting all we will/ Light lies the shadow/ on the way we go · May we know what time it is on the clock of the world and knowing that time may we know how to fulfill it · May we have peace among us to bring light to the church ·May our work be grounded in our holy, sacred bodies · You may have all this world, but give us Jesus.