Core Ministries

At First Congregational UCC, we organize around three Core Ministries – Community, Hospitality and Peacemaking – where people come together to grow, learn and serve.

Some groups have been working together for decades; others form more fluidly as needs and interests arise. You are welcome to participate in any group – or put your energy towards a new one if you see a need. Opt in. Opt out. We want you to find a welcoming place within our church family.

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Our community is nurtured through creativity, education, worship, play and spiritual practice. People of all ages and interests explore and deepen our faith journeys as we share and connect with one another.

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Our community answers the call to justice that comes to us from the gospels. That calling leads us, individually and as a body, to peacemaking projects throughout our city and around the world. We work intentionally to help make justice a reality for all. We seek opportunities to communicate with others whose paths might not otherwise intersect with ours. We strive to understand the needs of our community, from root cause to possible solutions. We support the efforts of others when we cannot be directly involved.

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Our community welcomes the world, both into our church family and into our church facilities. We seek to make meaningful connection with each person who steps into our downtown sacred space. We nurture long-lasting relationships with those who desire to be part of our church family.