APRIL 6-24 The Starling Project: Connect with our Wider Church

The Central Pacific Conference (CPC) of the United Church of Christ invites you to join in a conversation with members from other churches across our region. Who is God calling us to be as the United Church of Christ? How can we connect better to each other? What can God do through us that we cannot do alone as individuals of individual churches? The Starling Project continues throughout April with 13 Conference-wide conversations being hosted via Zoom Online video conferencing. Join your neighbors from around the CPC for these affinity-based, online conversations to share your perspective, concerns and ideas. View the schedule and select a group that best fits you:


4/22 White Ally Toolkit with Dr. David Campt

Sunday, April 22nd, 2:30 pm-5:30 pm: White Ally Toolkit with Dr. David Campt at First Congregational UCC, Portland (1126 SW Park Ave. Portland, OR 97205)

Do you struggle, as a white person, to practically advance the cause of anti-racism in your community? Many white allies are in need of effective tools to engage in honest & productive conversations about race with their white friends, relatives & neighbors.

The White Ally Toolkit Project focuses specifically on helping these allies have more effective encounters with people who are skeptical that racism is a problem. Utilizing contemporary research on persuasion, this interactive workshop leaves participants with concrete skills to advance racial equity. 

Dr. David Campt worked for the White House on the Clinton Administration's Commission on Race. He is a national expert on dialogue and race relations and was called to Charlottesville after the violence there this summer.

This event is open to the public & proceeds will help fund further workshops with communities across Portland. Be sure to register as soon as possible to reserve your spot!

Register here: https://www.universe.com/events/white-ally-toolkit-pdx-tickets-portland-NMBHL1


4/26 Eve's Circle: DIY Printmaking

Please join us for a session of gentle carving into soft foam board to create a design for printing.
Portland artist, Jan Holt, will give us instruction and information on printmaking techniques.
There is a $5 fee to cover supplies.
Please RSVP to Elaine Molskness (mlsknss(at)gmail.com) by Thursday, April 26, though you are welcome even at the last minute.


5/2 Andisheh center presents: Mohsen Namjoo in concert with Yahya Alkhansa

In celebration of a community that has embraced and supported our mission in showcasing Iranian music and arts in Portland for over 20 years, Andisheh Center is proud to announce the internationally known Mohsen Namjoo’s one-night-only performance on Saturday, May 5th 7:30-10:00pm. Namjoo is an Iranian artist, songwriter, singer, music scholar and setar (traditional Persian lute) player based in New York City. Hailed as “the Bob Dylan of Iran” by the New York Times, Namjoo is a visionary artist who seamlessly blends the Classical Persian setar with electric guitar, and rock and blues vocal techniques with Persian avaz (singing). Yahya Alkhansa began his musical education at age 9, first by learning the “tonbak” and playing traditional Persian music for 7 years before turning to drum set at the age of 16. He has toured with many Iranian underground rock musicians and joined 127 Band in 2002. More information & tickets at: https://www.andisheh.org/events/namjoo/


5/5 Bridgetown Bluegrass Festival

The “Bridgetown Bluegrass Festival” (formerly named the Park Blocks Bluegrass Festival) is occuring in its second year on Saturday May, 5th 2018 at Cider Riot! with all profits going to Do-Good Multnomah Women's Shelter. The festival, which raised $8,700 last year, is in gear to make an even bigger impact with 2 stages, 15 iconic Pacific Northwest bluegrass bands, jam sessions and a raffle - all day long (10am-1am). 

Tickets at: goo.gl/W8MvVQ

The Earth in Our Hands.png

Tuesday Evenings at 7 PM

May 1st—Just Eat It.  If 40% of all harvested food is wasted in America, what can we do about it?  Hugely Entertaining!

May 15th—The Age of Consequences:  Climate.  Change.  Conflict:  An important film from our generals & other Pentagon insiders about the issues of global drought, conflict, migrations, and social instability due to climate change.  Eye-opening and compelling!

May 22nd—More Than Honey.  Best foreign film from Switzerland that looks at the vexing issue of why bees are facing extinction from California to Switzerland, China, & Australia.  Exquisite photography!

Brought to you by the Caring for Creation Committee of the St. James Lutheran Church free of Charge. See you there!



What feminine part of yourself did you have to destroy in order to survive in this world? At what point does femininity become synonymous with apology? Who hurt the people who hurt you? Alok is trying to figure it out. Join for an evening of comedy, poetry, and performance.

7PM | Friday May 11
First Congregational Church
1126 SW Park Ave
Portland, Oregon


ALOK (they/them/their) is a gender non-conforming performance artist, writer, educator, and entertainer. Their eclectic style, political comedy, and poetic challenge to the gender binary have been internationally renowned. Alok was recently the youngest recipient of the prestigious Live Works Performance Act Award granted to ten performance artists across the world. They have been featured on HBO, MTV, The Guardian, National Geographic, The New York Times, and The New Yorker and have presented their work at 300 venues in more than 30 countries.

SHEA DIAMOND is a  singer/songwriter from Flint, Michigan. While incarcerated, she began writing I Am Her as a statement to a world that said I shouldn't exist. She wrote it as an anthem for all those that felt shunned for simply being who they were. I Am Her means that no matter how the world treats me, no matter if I'm rejected, accepted, denied or misunderstood, I will continue to live out my truth as Shea Diamond! 



Join celebrated chant masters Deva Premal & Miten, accompanied by Nepalese bansuri maestro Manose, with Canadian Joby Baker on bass and Danish percussionist Rishi, for an evening of mantra, song, celebration and meditation. These powerful gatherings offer a joyful path to centering in turbulent times, creating moments of what Deva describes as “ecstatic silence” – or in Miten’s words, “luminous pools of deep celebration.” May 16th, 7:30-10:30 pm
Get tickets here: goo.gl/B9CpYY



Aurora’s season finale features collaborations with special guests:

Bridging Voices
BVS Women’s Choir (from Brooklyn, NY)
Cascade (of PGMC)
Portland Lesbian Choir

Show from 4-7 pm. Tickets are $22 in advance; $25 at the door. Tickets available here: http://www.aurorachorus.org/index.php/calendar/



Spiritual Path Group

Gathering every Tuesday from Noon to 1 PM in our chapel: come share your experience, strength and hope as we all walk the path together. For more details call Ross Runkel (rossrunkel@gmail.com), (503) 551-1360).


UCC Ukes

Who doesn't want to play the ukulele?! Join us for gatherings from 1:00-2:00 pm Mondays. Talk to Mary Louise Sevetson to learn about this weekly group, (mlsevetson@aol.com; (503) 236-4393).


Eve's Circle

If you think a group of interesting women of all ages is your kind of crowd, join us! All those female-identified are welcome— Contact Elaine Molskness (mlsknss@gmail.com).


Way of the Rose

This meditation group meets Thursday evenings at 6:30 at 18th Ave. Peace House. Contact Tim Pollard, (503) 692-5479, (timothyraypollard@gmail.com)



SoberFirst (AA)

Female-identified Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting. Wednesdays at 7:00 am in the downstairs classroom. For more Portland-area meetings, visit http://home.pdxaa.org/

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers meets Fridays at 11:00 am in the downstairs classroom. From Weight Watchers, "Meetings are where you check in with other members and get guidance from a Leader who's been there and lost the weight."

Support Group (SA)

http://www.saportlandmetro.org/ SA meetings occur in our downstairs classroom on: Mondays at noon, Tuesdays at 1:00 pm, Wednesdays at 1:00 pm, Thursdays at noon.

Portland Parks & Rec Senior Yoga

Portland Parks & Recreations hosts senior yoga classes in the downstairs classrooms at the church. For more information and for registration (required), please call (503) 823-4328 or go online at portlandparks.org