Sunday, June 18th, 2017, 10:30 a.m.

Sermon: #MoreColorMorePride: Courage in Mary's Gospel

Preacher: Rev. Elizabeth Durant

Scripture: The Gospel of Mary, Chapter 5:1-4

Music: "A Palette to Paint Us As We Are" music: Elizabeth Alexander (2003); poetry: Gerald Rich

Duet: "True Colors" by Andy and Lisa Riffel

Welcome Families!

Children ages 4 to 12 are invited downstairs to our Story classroom for our summer program: "Compassion: Learning to Love like God" with Rev. Amanda Guthrie and Eileen Deerdock. Our next Youth Lounge for middle and high school youth is June 25 with Rev. Elizabeth in the Kiva.


March with us in the Pride Parade!

Note that we will have a very brief Fellowship Hour on Sunday morning, as we'll be leaving immediately after worship to join our sister UCC churches and march in the Portland Pride parade! Due to our position in the line (we are #133) we don't anticipate stepping off until close to noon. Our lineup spot with the other UCC churches is the corner of NW 9th and W Burnside. If you get separated from our group, text Rev. Elizabeth at 503-951-7864 or Rev. Michael at (646-734-0162) and we'll connect with you. Happy Pride!


New visitor breakfast

If you consider yourself a "new visitor" to First Congregational Church - whether this is your first Sunday or your 100th - please consider joining us for our New Visitor Breakfast on Sunday June 18th at 9a before church.  We will gather over morning refreshments in our church library (this is right off our "Fellowship Hall," where we gather for food after Sunday service each week) so you can get to know us and we can get to know you a little better.  Likewise, members are welcome to join this special circle to connect some names with some of the new faces you've seen around here recently, and to share your experiences of the church to newcomers.  Following this the week after, we will have a New Member Joining Sunday in service on June 25th.  If you have been thinking about becoming a formal member, this is your chance.  Please feel free to reach out to Rev. Michael Ellick (, or Rev. Elizabeth Durant ( if you have any questions.