"I Love You So Make Me Happy": Insecurities, God, and How Non-Monogamy Changed My Life

storylab | Saturday, September 9th | 9am-noon | downstairs classroom

Presented by Grant Helbley, UCC Member in Discernment and Member of the Congregation

It's in the news. It's all the vogue. Non-monogamy is not new but it is becoming increasingly visible. Individuals choose to move away from traditional monogamous relationships for a variety of reasons. For some, this arrangement sounds exhilarating and freeing. For others, it sounds like the end of ethics, commitment, and fidelity.  Polyamory is definitely not for everyone, but is there something we can learn from people who are actively reconstructing what it means to be in intimate relationships with others? How can thinking about things like expectations, consent, and power increase your relationship happiness? and How does our theology shape our relationships?

Join Grant Helbley, on September 9th as we explore some of the common myths about relationships, the ethics and theology behind polyamorous relationships, and some ways to make your current relationships more intentional. intimate and fulfilling regardless of how they are organized. Childcare for ages 0 to 6 provided; please RSVP to to confirm.