Rev. Michael Ellick

Rev. Michael Ellick came to us after serving as minister at Judson Memorial church for seven years. Rev. Ellick's sermons establish a new Christian vocabulary for a post-Christian world, embracing Judson's legacy as the the Research & Development Laboratory for American Christianity. Recognizing that an authentic witness of the Gospel means moving beyond the traditional words and concepts we've used to describe it; Ellick's exploration of new theological forms grew out of his commitment to the social gospel in action, and the practice of God's presence in silent prayer, reflection, and meditation. 

Raised in a Conservative Baptist church in Washington State, Rev. Ellick studied Comparative Religion and Philosophy at the University of Washington before earning his M. Div. at Union Theological Seminary in the year 2000. There he grew frustrated at the current state of the country's religious dialogue, and looking for both new ways of understanding the Gospel, and real world practices for embodying its "prophetic compassion," he studied closely under a Tibetan Buddhist teacher for the next seven years.

Later Rev. Ellick also worked as a faith-based organizer for Immigrant Rights, Marriage Equality, Single Payer Health Care, Economic & Environmental Justice, and Islamophobia. Taking the national stage through his work with Occupy Wall Street, his work with "Occupy Faith" earned him awards and recognition from the Rainbow Push Coalition, the Micah Institute, the New York City Council, the New York State Senate, and Auburn Seminary. Rev. Ellick is particularly interested in understanding the Christian Passion Story in an American threatened by falling Empire and falling Plutocracy.

He currently lives with his wife in N Portland where in his off time he contemplates time travel, the prophetic interactive mythology of comic books and zombie films, and churches as potential American Mystery Schools for the 21st Century. On vacation, he loves spending time in empty, desolate places.

p: 503.228.7219