We are active in work outside our church that answers our sense of call to action in the gospel and manifests our vision for a better world. Join us!

Our peacemaking projects include addressing more immediate needs within our community, as well as addressing the root causes of why some of the needs of our community exist. Some of our projects provide food to those in need and support shelters for houseless folks. To make peace, we also must be working for justice. Other projects include advocating for equity with local and state government, organizing for immigration reform, showing up for racial justice, and supporting the most vulnerable members of our community. There are projects already happening--and we are always excited to welcome new volunteers, drop-in or continuing. If there a new project that we can support you in starting, please email Stephanie with your idea.

Our current projects include:

Affordable Housing Work (MACG)

In partnership with the Metropolitan Alliance for the Common Good, we have been working on affordable housing here in our increasingly expensive city. For more info talk to Rita Delamatre (

Goose Hollow Family Shelter

We commit to providing dinner and helpers for one evening a month at the Goose Hollow Family Shelter. Contact Jim Sikkel (

Potluck in the Park

The church provides beverages (procure, prepare, deliver, and serve) for about 500 to 900 hungry and thirsty (many homeless) persons in O'Bryant Square every Sunday from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. To sign up call or write Ron Clevenger (; 503-221-7218).

Racial Justice Action Group

This group invites the congregation to events and direct actions in support of justice. We meet after some of these events to reflect on how public action intersects with our spiritual journeys and commitment to peacemaking. For more information, contact Stephanie Mullen ( or Rev. Elizabeth Durant (; 503-946-1042).

Immigration Taskforce

Following last year's trip to the border and our ongoing involvement with the Interfaith Movement for Immigration Justice (IMIRJ) we are currently looking for better ways to "welcome the stranger" here in Portland. To learn more email Larry Rossini (

Transitions Projects, Inc. Shelter Meal

On the third Saturday of each month, several teams of church members and friends serve a meal for the residents of the Transition Projects, Inc, Bud Clark Center. To get involved reach out to Tim Pollard (

Village Support Network

In partnership with New City Initiatives, this group supports houseless families in need. To find out what this work entails, reach out to Paris Hancock (


This group of lay leaders commits to follow the Way by offering direct service to the wider community, and meets each week to practice, pray, and learn more about embodying the Gospel. To learn more contact Rev. Michael Ellick (

Want to get involved? Have an idea? Please contact