We are chosen family.

Drag Me to Church Fundraiser for Q Center

Many years ago (1992 to be exact), we declared ourselves to be "Open and Affirming." After a process of discernment, we publicly entered into a covenant (a sacred promise) to fully and publicly welcome, include, and honor the wisdom and leadership of people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions in our spiritual community. This isn't just a designation of ONA status from our national church denomination, but an ongoing, ever-renewing commitment to sacred action!

As a community, we are committed to creating a safe, respectful place for ALL people to experience spirituality...for us, this means people of all cultural backgrounds, racial and ethnic identities, creeds and religious affiliations, sexual orientations, gender expressions, gender identities, family groups, mental health and wellness, economic levels and housing status.

We don't stop at seeking to create safe spiritual space in our church, we also work (both internally and externally) to challenge and dismantle the imperialist-patriarchy that has long defined how power is held in our tradition. We are actively reconstructing our faith and always looking to find God in our particularity, rather than in conformity. We experience our spiritual community as a chosen family, and celebrate the ways our chosen families connect us to the Holy and enable us to know ourselves as deeply, wholly beloved.